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Studio Policies

ADA Class & Studio Policies

STUDIO RULES:                                                                                                                           

-If McDonald Co. schools are canceled due to weather, we will also cancel classes for that day/evening.

-Parents need to check with their childs instructor weekly to stay updated on studio information.  

-No Food or Drinks are allowed on the dance floors - WATER ONLY!                                   

-Please do not let small children wander or play througout the studio.  

-Parents must come to the classroom to pick up their student. It is our policy to have them wait inside.  

 -The instructor is responsible for the student only during class time. For children under 6 yrs, one parent per student must wait in the lobby. If you cannot--If you have questions, please wait till after class to speak to the instructor. Please do not interrupt a class in session unless invited by the instructor  

-Absolutely NO pets are allowed in the studio at any time.  

-Recital Pictures are mandatory for groups, you do not have to purchase any, but your dancer must attend NO PERSONNAL CAMERAS ARE ALLOWED AT THE PHOTO STUDIO! Also, it is easier and picture night goes quicker if friends, family and siblings stay home on picture night.  

 -Text, Facebook & Website - ANY/ALL Studio information/updates will be posted on Facebook & our Website. Any immediate info will be texted. The instructors cannot make a personal call to each & every parent.                                                                          

TUITION & COSTUMES:                                                                                                            

 -Tuition is due the 1st of every month and is late after the 20th, past due tuition will be charged a$10.00 late fee per week overdue.      

 -Returned checks will incur a $20.00 check charge.                                                           

-Competition fees will not be accepted & Costumes will be held for any dancer with a past due balance.

 -Tuition will not be prorated, deducted, credited or refunded for missed or canceled classes, regardless of the reason. No Exceptions.                         

 -Costume fees are non-refundable after the order has been made.


-If classes are canceled for reasons beyond our control (weather etc.). Makeup classes, if any, are at the Studio Directors discretion. Unlike educational school programs with do not have the option of adding days to the end of our year, and ongoing classes in our studio do not allow extra time for makeup classes.        

-No reimbursment of tuition is fiven when classes are cancelled or missed.

CLASSROOM RULES:              

-All ADA classes are closed, Instructors & Students Only! Parent watch nights will occur 4 times a year and will be posted in advance. Students will concentrate and learn more freely without distraction.

-Attendence is imperetive for ongoing progress, as is a proper warm-up

-Parents please have your childe to clas on time! And do not drop your child off earler than 10 minutes before class.

 -If a student needs to miss a class their PARENT needs to contact their child's INSTRUCTOR at least one hour prior to class time.  

  -Proper class attire is required at all times. No student will be allowed to participate in class unless properly dressed - NO EXCEPTIONS! Dancers may be asked to sit out of class in not dressed appropriatly. (This includes hair being pulled back)                          

-Absolutly no denim, baskeball shorts, boxers, sweats or hoodies may be worn during class.    

  -Hair MUST be back and secured! Please arrange hair before class.                                        

-NO cell phones/ipods etc. - NO jewelry should be worn to class.                                            

-Dancers names must be written in ALL their shoes and bags.                                                  

-Dancers are required to have ALL of the proper shoes at their first class!                          

 -Shoe and dress code lists will be given out at open house.